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Manicured Nails

Roll of Purple Silk

What Our Softies Say...


Catherine H.

"I love my Soft Landings Towels!! I’m spoiled enough to not work without them!! Keeps the nail dust down and cleans everything up after each client!"

Jamie W.

"I've been a Softie gal for a few years now and can tell you with a straight face, I can not live without these in my life!... Ive used these for every service in salon, to burp rags for new mothers to mop rags to dust rags and more... I've actually washed them! Yes! They are amazing! should never buy another paper towel again or a tissue box!"
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Lisa B.

1. They are truly lint free!
2. That are PERFECT for pedicures
3. I LOVE to support business/people of Great integrity 
Roll of Purple Silk

Who We Are...

Soft Landings Towels and 4Square Wipes have become the Beauty and Spa industries favorite go to towel for their client services.


Soft, durable, lint-free, tear-free, our products can be used with any liquid of choice for your clients.

Soft Landings is the towel you should expect and the towel you deserve. We encourage you to discover for yourself, the benefits of this towel.

Our Products...

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