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Cosmetic Uses of SLT’s & 4Squares Soft Landings for Your Face & Body

These are some of the ways you can use Soft Landings Towels and Wipes:

4Squares are great for eye make up removal, waxing, eye protectors, black head removal pads, replaces the sponge while doing a facial for hygienic purposes, and other creative uses.

Big Towels are really multi-use here. These towels can be used wet or dry, or steamed and microwaved. This towel is replacing the use of terry wash cloths because you can dispose of it when finished. From chemical peels, to citrus scrubs or Dead Sea Masques, these towels are so soft and durable. Your client will be happier that your salon is eco-friendly and sanitation conscious.

No Lint, No Laundry, Just Luxury!

Massage therapists can give their clients a towel to wipe down excess oils on their skin if they don’t want to have oil on their clothes.

We encourage you to find the merits of Soft Landings Towels and Wipes. There are so many ways you can use these fabulous products on your clients.

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