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New Year for SLT!

New year new me right? That’s what we all say for the first few days, week, maybe month of 2023 and then it all fades away. This year is different. Wash away last years remainders with sustainable products and ring in the new year the "RIGHT" way. I am talking about washing your face, brushing your teeth, and just taking time for self care. I myself am the worst at taking care of myself, but I love taking care of others, so why do I always forget about me?

Because I love making others feel better about themselves, but this year it’s time to put myself at the top of the self care list! Let’s care about our well being a little bit more and start with the inside out. Start small, with washing your makeup brushes.

Here is my favorite way to clean my brushes! (can be altered to fit your skins needs):

I have always loved using a DIY mix of a dash of olive oil (don’t use if you are acne prone) and some dish soap (adjust accordingly).

I run this mixture through my makeup brushes one by one under the sink and swirl them in my hands until the water runs clear. I then take the wet bristles and shape the brush hairs into formation on my Soft Landings Towel which helps to absorb any residual liquid & leftover makeup remains I might have missed. Then, I lay my brushes down to dry on the Soft Landings towel and continue with the rest of my , eyes brushes, face, and the dirtiest, my beauty blenders.

This cleaning routine although small, is a positive habit I am starting for the new year that I will continue in order to fulfill my resolution of taking better care of myself. This will carry over into other tasks and daily rituals I set for myself.

Now its your turn!

What is your new years resolution? What did you decide you were going to change from last year that you wanted to leave behind in 2022? Email us at or comment your thoughts below.

Be kind & remember to take care of yourself

-Soft Landings Team xoxo

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