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Soaking Off the Soft Way

Soaking Off the Soft Way by Sheryl Makley Goldberg Most technicians are using the soak off method and use either paper pads, foil, sponges, tech tape, cotton balls and acetone. Some of these soak off systems can cost as much as $2.00 per soak off, some far less. I want to demonstrate something that is convenient as well as cost effective. I personally don’t like working with cotton, I hate the fuzz factor. When you think you have all the gel polish off, the remnants of those cotton balls must be reckoned with. My favorite method for gel removal costs me about 1 ½ cents per finger. I will make these during my free time at work. This method saves me time and money hence I am able to get my client’s polish removed quickly. We all have a few minutes of down time once a week either from a cancellation or a no show client. The materials that I use to make my personal soak off method, is the foil used for hair color that comes on a roll, 5” by 250’ , Soft Landings 4x4s a package of 100 , and Gelish soak off solution.

I like this particular soft foil because you can easily mold it to your clients fingers. I have used firmer foil products that actually distorted the shape of the nail while squeezing it to stay on. I roll out pieces of foil measuring 5 inches and then I tear. These pieces are folded horizontally and torn into 2 long pieces.

These cost approximately .0083 cents and there are 1200 on a roll. I take my Soft Landings 4x4s and cut into 2x2s for this and other uses.

I cut the 2×2 one more time so the 4×4 is now in 8 rectangles.

I then fold each piece into thirds. These pieces cost .0063 cents each. Even if you wanted more padding, and used 2 of the strips together it is still under .02 cents per finger. I keep my soak off liquid in a small squeeze bottle for easy use. I like to make these up ahead of time and store them in a Client Personal File Box. It is fast and convenient. Alternatively, if you want to, you can use a dab of Nail Glue and put the folded rectangle where you want it on the foil for less fuss later.

How do “I” do it? I take a file and break the surface of the polish on each nail, gives the solution more area to penetrate faster. Place the foil under the finger about 1 inch from the left side leaving 3 inches of foil off to the right.

I place the pad folded into 3 layers on the nail and soak it with the solution from the squeeze bottle. I fold the lower half of the foil up over the nail and pad, and press it on each side of the nail.

The short side on the left is wrapped up around the finger, and then the right side is wrapped around the finger a couple of times. This is a secure wrap which does not fall off easily, but also is not too tight.

 Lotion can be applied to the hands before the foiling process. When all 10 fingers are wrapped, a plastic bag is placed over each hand and then they are put in electric hand warmers. I set a timer for 12 minutes, (recommended time for my soak off product). This gives you some time to consult with your client as to the color, and artwork for their nails. This is the system I developed over the past year after trying almost every soak off pad on the market. It saves me time and money; I hope it works as well for you. If you are paying even 10 cents per finger with the other pads, this will save you 90 cents per service because the cost is 1 and ½ cents each. If you do 4 Gel Polish Service per day it is $3.60 a Day in savings and $18.00 per week or $936 per year. It all adds up! I have included the website where you can buy your nail wipes and their table towels which I love because it is so versatile.

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