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Where in the USA did Queen Softie and her royal court appear?

In Orlando, Soft Landings co-sponsored with Nail Talk Radio the event honoring Alanna Wall, founder of Polished Girl, a non profit company,  who received our monetary contributions to forward her progress of painting nails for special needs or hospitalized women.   We worked so hard to put this event together, 300 goodie bags, setting up the give away table, the sponsors table etc etc. The food was phenomenal, Alanna was gorgeous, and all the key people who attended schmoozed and rubbed elbows together. Orlando was also special this year because I brought my younger daughter Becca with us.  She completed her first year of cosmotology school and she signed up for two classes that was to further her education.   Meeting Kandee Johnson was Becca’s highlighted moment.   Next stop was The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies.  Our second year in attendance, we were so excited to be a part of this show.  As usual we were instrumental in being a part of Nail Talk Radio’s 3rd Annual Meet n greet.  I had the honor of making the table centerpieces featuring all of the individual nail companies that helped sponsor the party.  The next day was the Vendor’s Day and fortunately for us, there was a 37% increase in attendance.  I call that awesome!  People are so receptive to our softlicious towels and wipes.  If you haven’t tried them yet, let’s get you on board. Last but not least,  a borrowed fable from our dearly departed Label. Wife:  “Oh, Gawd!  I am convinced my mind is almost gone.” Husband:  “I’m not surprised.  You’ve been giving me a piece of it every day for 40 years.” Soft Landings, no lint, no laundry, just luxury!

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